Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations


The Office’s work has three dimensions: 

Information: The Office provides ongoing updates and education to the members of the Paulist Community, to diocesan ecumenical and interreligious officers in the U.S. and Canada, and to anyone interested in the work for Christian unity and interreligious collaboration. The quarterly online newsletter Koinonia serves as a motivating agent for constructive and creative initiatives on the part of Paulist ministry centers in their local context.

Representation: The director of the Office assures that the Paulist community actively participates in regional, national and international ecumenical and interreligious conferences, and that there is a Paulist presence and voice at events such as the National Workshop on Christian Unity, the North American Academy of Ecumenists, Religions for Peace USA, and the Parliament of World Religions. The director presently participates in dialogues including the Mid-Atlantic and National Catholic-Muslim Dialogue, as well as the Hindu-Christian and Buddhist-Catholic Dialogues.  

Action:The Office engages in direct promotion of Christian unity and interfaith understanding through ecumenical and interfaith retreats; the publication of books and articles; preaching; talks, seminars and workshops for clergy and laity; networking with other related individuals and organizations; and through Gospel Call, a four-day faith renewal event bringing Christians together for worship, community and mission.

A faith renewal event bringing Christians together for worship, community and mission

A quarterly online journal for ecumenical and interfaith colleagues and anyone interested in the ongoing work for understanding.

Our Leadership
Fr. Ronald G. Roberson, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Ronald G. Roberson serves at the USCCB Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs.

Fr. Tom Ryan, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Tom Ryan directs the Paulist Fathers Office for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations.

The Conversation