Parishioners and friends of St. Austin in Austin, Texas, exceeded their $4 million capital campaign goal to make much-needed repairs to the parish buildings.


Two Paulist students are keeping the legacy of Paulist media ministry alive with a YouTube series titled Paulists InFormation. See what the show is all about!


Retreats are opportunities for spiritual grounding and renewal, and that’s just what 76 Paulists got during a community retreat in New Jersey. Meet some of the Paulists on the retreat and view photos!


In this issue: Old St. Mary's breaks new ground in Chicago, St. Paul the Apostle Parish in Texas unveils a new memorial, and a Paulist brings faith communities together in Los Angeles. [PDF download]

Hecker Reflection

"What constitutes Christian life is the union of the natural and the supernatural orders," said Paulist founder Father Isaac Hecker in Notes on the Interior States. Read the excerpt and a modern reflection.

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Father Terrence P. Ryan, CSP
We all get hungry physically for food, or at least I do. If I don't eat at certain intervals, I get hungry. I think of food. I want food. I eat my...
Father Francis P. DeSiano, CSP
A little joke from The New Yorker a few weeks ago: A priest, a surgeon, and an engineer are playing golf. In front of them is a group that is...
What's happening

More than a dozen Paulist Mission Preachers with myriad areas of expertise are available for speaking engagements.