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The Conversation: Associates

In this issue: an interview with Fr. Steve Petroff, CSP, notes from a visit to a chapel in Rome where Hecker prayed, and more.


In this issue: Grand Rapids reflects on Hecker, one Associate's journey to the Paulists, and more.


In this month's newsletter: Grand Rapids reflects on Isaac Hecker, thoughts on what it means to be a Paulist Associate, and more.


This month: A return from summer hiatus, Adirondack Ways, and a reflection on the Camino de Santiago.


In this month's newsletter: poems to prepare for the summer Associates retreat, a new Hecker film, and more.


In this issue: Preparing for this month's ordination of three Paulists.


In this month's issue: Appreciating those in senior ministry status, Forming Intentional Disciples, and more.


Paulist Associates Commemorate Nuper Nonnulli; Pope John XXIII, Isaac Hecker, and the Holy Spirit; and more.


In this issue: Remembrances of Paulist Fr. Jim McCabe, Isaac Hecker's books, the summer Associates retreat, and more.


Meet the Associates in Knoxville, holy souls in Purgatory, and a thank you to Paulist Fr. Paul Robichaud.


We dedicate this edition of The Associates World to Isaac Thomas Hecker, Servant of God and founder of the Paulists.


Issue No. 13, November 2016 A Monthly Newsletter for Paulist Associates The Associates World is the newsletter o the Paulist Associates. You can download a...