Mission Preachers

Missionary preaching was one of the main purposes for which the Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle was founded in 1858.  The first Paulist Fathers believed deeply in the value of traveling to cities, towns and rural areas throughout the United States and Canada to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and his Church.

Today, some two dozen members of our community are available to conduct a variety of parish missions, retreats and workshops. Please see below for their biographies and contact details. If you already know which Paulist Father you would like to have visit your parish or organization, do not hesitate to contact him directly.

To discuss which Paulist Father would be most appropriate for your parish or organization, or for general questions, please contact Paul Snatchko in our Marketing and Communications Office at (202) 269-2502 or media@paulist.org

Please visit our Events listings for upcoming parish missions.

Our Mission Preachers
Fr. Donald Andrie, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Donald Andrie is pastor of St. John XXIII University Parish in Knoxville, TN. He also leads parish retreats.

Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Steven Bell leads parish missions, retreats and revivals.

Fr. Bernard Campbell, C.S.P.

A veteran campus minister, Paulist Fr. Bernard Campbell leads a new parish mission called "Will our Faith Have Children?".

Fr. Robert M. Cary, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Robert Cary lives in Grand Rapids, MI.

Fr. John E. Collins, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. John Collins leads parish missions throughout the United States and Canada.

Fr. Frank Desiderio, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Frank Desiderio is first consultor, or chief advisor, to the president of the Paulist Fathers.

Fr. Frank DeSiano, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Frank DeSiano is president of Paulist Evangelization Ministries and our seminary's director of formation.

Fr. James DiLuzio, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. James DiLuzio leads dynamic parish missions and retreats across the United States and Canada.

Fr. Charlie Donahue, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Charlie Donahue is an associate director of St. Thomas More Newman Center in Columbus, OH.

Fr. Michael Evernden, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Michael Evernden is based at Old St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco. He offers parish retreats and days of recollection.

Fr. John Hurley, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. John Hurley is vicar for evangelization in the Diocese of San Jose, CA.

Fr. Mark-David Janus, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Mark-David Janus is president and publisher of Paulist Press and a clinical psychologist.

Fr. Vincent McKiernan, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Vinny McKiernan is a campus minister at St. Thomas More Newman Center at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

Fr. Bruce Nieli, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Bruce Nieli leads parish missions and retreats, and speaks at a variety of diocesan and regional conferences.

Fr. Ed Nowak, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Ed Nowak is a Catholic campus minister at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

Fr. Terry Ryan, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Terry Ryan leads a variety of retreats and spirituality programs.

Fr. Tom Ryan, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Tom Ryan directs the Paulist Fathers Office for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations.

Fr. Dick Sparks, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Dick Sparks is based in Austin, TX. He leads parish missions, retreats and workshops.

Fr. Tom Tavella, C.S.P.

Paulist Fr. Tom Tavella serves at Old St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco.