Paulist Fr. Jerry Sullivan celebrates 60 years of priesthood

May 2, 2019

Congratulations to Paulist Fr. Jeremiah “Jerry” Sullivan! 

Sixty years ago this month, on May 1, 1959, Fr. Jerry was ordained a priest by Cardinal Francis Spellman at the Church of Saint Paul the Apostle in New York City.

Fr. Jerry, 86, lives today in Glen Cove, NY.

Throughout his long priesthood, Fr. Jerry has been a parish pastor, campus minister, hospital chaplain and a member of our mission band.

He has served in Boston; Mobile, AL; New York City; Santa Barbara, CA; Storrs, CT; Tucson, AZ; Greensboro, NC; Charlotte, NC; Derby, CT; and Los Angeles.



May 1, 1959: Cardinal Francis Spellman presents the chalice to Paulist Fr. Jerry Sullivan during his Ordination Mass.


Fr. Sullivan in 1959


Fr. Sullivan in 1966



An undated photo of Fr. Sullivan




Paulist Fr. Jerry Sullivan depicted by Paulist Fr. Frank Sabatté


Fr. Sullivan celebrating his 85th birthday in January 2018
at the Paulist Fathers motherhouse in New York City



Paulist Fr. Jerry Sullivan around Christmas, 2018, in a photo taken by Paulist Fr. Eric Andrews