Paulist Associates

The Paulist Associates are women and men who have a strong connection to the Paulist Fathers and wish to align themselves with the missionary society’s spirituality and charism.

Paulist Associates make an annual promise to embody the ideals of the Paulists in their daily lives.

The monthly newsletter of the Paulist Associates.

Lectures and discussions in streaming audio.

Upcoming retreats, gatherings and meetings of Associates groups across North America

Where to Find Us


Tucson: Tucson Paulist Associates Group


Los Angeles: St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Community


Tampa: Tampa Paulist Associates Group


Chicago: Old St. Mary’s Church


Boston: Paulist Center


Grand Rapids: Cathedral of St. Andrew

Grand Rapids: Catholic Information Center


Become an Associate

The Paulists welcome new associate members in any of the following locations: Italy, Toronto, Arizona, California, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Paulist Associates Handbook + Formation Guide

The Paulist Associates Handbook provides a concise overview of the Associates’ mission, history, and provides a guide for meetings, prayer, and other activities.


The Paulist Associates Formation Guide contains transcriptions of the audio talks and discussion questions to enhance Associates’ learning experience.

Paulist Deacon Affiliates

Are you a Catholic Deacon who has a strong affinity for the mission of the Paulist Fathers? Deacons who would like to devote a part of their ministerial service to the Paulist mission of outreach to "those beyond the Church" and forming Catholics to reach out to "those beyond the Church" are invited to explore a new aspect of Paulist life: Deacon Affiliates.

Facebook Group

We invite all Paulist Associates to join our Facebook group, with news, photos, thoughts, and reflections from Associate communities across North America. The group is open only to existing Associates. If you’re not an Associate, please consider becoming an Associate.

Go to the Paulist Associates Facebook group.

Associates Leadership

Katherine is a Paulist Associate in Columbus, OH.

David is presently an Associate at Old St. Mary's in Chicago and became an Associate in 2002, at St. Paul the Apostle in Los Angeles.

Mary has been an Associate at the Paulist Center in Boston since the group was formed in 2003. She recently served as the coordinator of the group.

Carol became a Paulist Associate in Columbus in 2009. She now lives in Vail, AZ and is a member of the Tucson Associates.

Paulist Fr. Frank Desiderio serves as first consultor of the Paulist Fathers.

Paulist Fr. Michael Kallock is based at the Paulist Fathers Motherhouse in New York City.

Paulist Fr. Joe Scott serves at Old St. Mary's Cathedral and Chinese Mission in San Francisco.

Recent Selections From the Associates World