Paulist Vocations Weekend: Feb. 12-14 in Washington, DC
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The Paulist Fathers, Associates and lay collaborators work to fulfill the four missionary aspects of the Paulist charsim: evangelization, ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, reconciliation and young adult ministry.

Evangelization: All Christians are called by baptism to share the Good News of Christ. The Paulists are committed welcoming those who have been away from the Catholic Church, and dedicated to reaching out to those who have yet to hear Christ's message of salvation.

Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogue: The Paulists are committed to working toward unity among Christians and for respect, understanding and collaboration with followers of other world religions.

Reconciliation: Reconciliation is the restoration of communication between those whose bonds of mutual belonging have been impaired or even severed.  The Paulists are committed to a ministry of reconciliation through listening, sacramental healing and dialogue.

Young Adult Ministry: In secular university Catholic centers, on the web and satellite radio, the Paulists help young adults explore their spirituality, listen to and encouage one another, discover the rich depths of the Catholic tradition and connect to commnities of faith where their unique gifts will be used and where they will find support on their journey towards God.