Paulist Vocations Weekend: Feb. 12-14 in Washington, DC
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All Christians are called by baptism to share the Good News of Christ.

Although almost all Paulist ministry can be seen under the broad umbrella of evangelization, the Paulists have sponsored Paulist Evangelization Ministries (PEM) with a particular focus on reaching those who have no religious commitment and those who have left the Catholic Church.

The Paulist Fathers established what is now Paulist Evangelization Ministries in 1977 to build up the body of Christ by equipping Catholics to evangelize. PEM provides practical and user-friendly programs and resources to Catholic (arch)dioceses, parishes, and individuals, helping them to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to inactive Catholics and to those with no church family. PEM has also offered online symposiums, training and conventions.

Openings is the Paulist Fathers’ ministry to young and emerging visual artists based in New York City. This evangelization ministry is rooted in the Catholic experience of faith, a faith that relies on the experience of the God in whom we “live and move and have our being.”

Paulist New England Outreach and the Northwest Paulist Center for Evangelization and Reconciliation are regional ministries that assist parishes and their representative groups to reach out to the unchurched, welcome back those who have drifted away and deepen the spiritual life of active Catholics through a variety of programs and gatherings.

A number of Paulist priests also offer days of reflection, retreats and parish missions.

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