St. Paul the Apostle School in Los Angeles dedicates new Hilton Learning Center and the McCarthy Gymnasium, two state-of-the-art facilities that provide a bright future the school and community. See photos from the event!


Meet the newest Paulist novice, Patrick Christ, as he enters the very important, formative year of discernment and formation on the journey to the priesthood and the Paulist community.


Father Dennis W. Hickey, CSP, died Sept. 29 in New York. Funeral and burial information is listed; read about the service of this dedicated Paulist.


#OccupyCommonGround was the theme of the eighth annual art exhibit of the Openings Collective, an outreach to artists in New York City. See some of the art and experience the opening gala!

Series #45

"He who trusts all in God, God trusts all in him," says Paulist Founder Father Isaac Hecker in a reflection. Father Paul Robichaud, CSP, offers a modern perspective on Hecker's writings!

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Father Terrence P. Ryan, CSP
I think that sports teams are scrambling to get players to treat women with respect. Don't objectify them. Don't see them as sex objects for your...
Father Francis P. DeSiano, CSP
Ray Rice, formerly on the Ravens active roster, is only the last of a long list of bad boys.
What's happening

The Diocese of Knoxville, Tenn., launched an official inquiry into a possible miracle attributed to Paulist founder Father Isaac T. Hecker, whose cause for canonization was opened in 2008.