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The Conversation: Koinonia

Two theology professors, Shawn Copeland and Cathleeen Kaveny, share their reflections on our polarized political times.

Frank Lesko | 04/19/19

Neighborly Faith, an organization of Evangelical Christians, recently released a six-episode audio podcast series.

Thomas Ryan, CSP | 04/19/19

The Dialogue's fourth annual meeting was fittingly held on a holy day in both the Muslim and Catholic calendars.

John Armstrong | 04/19/19

A new multi-generational, multi-ethnic and trans-denominational community of Christians is being born.

Jean Marie Holup, SSCM | 01/28/19

The Congregation of the Sisters of Saints Cyril & Methodius has promoted ecumenical cooperation for nearly a century.

Gordon T. Smith  | 01/28/19

Reflection on his Evangelical background leads Gordon Smith to ask: What can we learn from the other?

Ronald Roberson, CSP | 01/28/19

Ron Roberson provides insight into the developing schism between the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Thomas Ryan, CSP | 11/19/18

A report from the World Parliament of Religions, which hosted participants from 80 countries at its assembly in Toronto this month.

Kelly Fassett | 11/19/18

UniteBoston uses grassroots initiatives to bring Christians of different traditions together.

Thomas Ryan, CSP | 11/19/18

At this Fall’s gathering of the North American Academy of Ecumenists, three authors shared their research into churches sharing in prayer, ministry, and mission.

John H. Armstrong | 07/31/18

John Armstrong shares the story of his calling to the mission of Christian unity and his service to it over the last 27 years.

Ronald Roberson, CSP | 07/31/18

What language is appropriate for Catholics and Orthodox to use in describing their relationships with one another?