Paulist Deacon Affiliates

Are you a Catholic Deacon who has a strong affinity for the mission of the Paulist Fathers?

Deacons who would like to devote a part of their ministerial service to the Paulist mission of outreach to “those beyond the Church” and forming Catholics to reach out to “those beyond the Church” are invited to explore a new aspect of Paulist life: Deacon Affiliates.

Deacon Affiliates are permanent deacons who, after sessions of formation, commit to exercising Paulist ministry in their own parishes or dioceses, or for an institution that concentrates on mission to “those beyond the Church,” on a year-to-year basis. They make an annual promise to express this commitment.

Their wives are invited to be part of the formation. Their bishops endorse this ministry in cooperation with the Paulists.

To explore this further, contact the Paulist Vocation Office at, or Paulist Fr. Frank DeSiano