Where We Serve
Cathedral of St. Andrew, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Not only is the cathedral a house of worship, including many civic occasions, but is a center for ecumenical and interfaith dialogue. The Paulists were invited by Bishop Walter A. Hurley to take over the pastoral care of the Cathedral in 2007. The Paulists have served in Grand Rapids since 1947.

Rector: Father John J. Geaney, C.S.P.

Associate Pastor: Father Bill Edens, C.S.P.

Senior Ministry: Father Joachim Lally, C.S.P.

In Residence:

Father René I. Constanza, C.S.P.

Father Bradford Schoeberle, C.S.P.

Father Charles Cunniff, C.S.P.

215 Sheldon Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
616 456 1454