Stock Donations

Donating a gift of stock is an easy way for you to help support the Paulists while decreasing your tax burden. If the stock you donate has increased in value from the date of purchased, you might avoid capital gains taxes by making this stock a gift to the Paulist Fathers. As a result of the increase in value, the Paulists will receive a larger gift, and your generosity is maximized. It’s this simple: you purchased stock at X amount, and the stock value has increased since your purchase. You donate the stock to the Paulists, and, upon the Paulists selling of the stock, you will receive the full value of the stock sale as a tax deduction, thereby and avoiding capital gains tax. This transaction benefits both the giver and the receiver, as only the IRS has a reduction in revenue. This tax policy is an incentive to increase citizens’ social action. It is neither illegal nor unethical to arrange your financial affairs to comply with the IRS laws, keep your taxes as low as legally possible and provide the Paulists with the largest possible contribution.

Electronic transfer of stock

The electronic delivery of shares of stock is the most secure and efficient delivery process available. Of course, you may also transfer stock certificates directly. To help facilitate a gift of stock, please note the following instructions.

Notification of Donor Intent

Electronic stock transfers are not accompanied by donor information. Thus, the Paulist Fathers will not know who the donor is unless notification is provided by the donor or broker. Whatever method you choose to send your stock, you must provide the following information:

  • Donor’s name and complete address
  • Name and number of securities transferred
  • Date of transfer request

This not only helps for follow-up purposes, but enables us to thank you for your generosity. You may provide this information via letter, e-mail or fax to: Fax: 212-757-8527 E-mail: Address: Paulist Fathers Office of Mission Advancement 415 West 59th Street New York, NY  10019

Securities Delivered Electronically

The following information will help your broker facilitate an electronic transfer of securities:

  • Paulist Fathers’ Stock Broker: Charles Schwab
  • Contact Person: Jim Lynch, (212) 450-1823, 60 E. 42 St., Ground Floor, New York, NY  10165-0007
  • DTC Number: 0164
  • Account Name: The Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle (Tax ID# 13-1624092)
  • Account Number: 38269923
Securities Delivered by Mail

Mail your unsigned certificate(s) and signed stock power, in separate envelopes by registered mail, to: Address: Paulist Fathers Office of Mission Advancement 415 West 59th Street New York, NY  10019