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The Conversation: Rich thoughts
Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 07/13/17

Jesus says, “My yoke is easy,” yet St. Paul’s yoke seemed to be anything but easy.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 06/19/17

Mass is not a spectator sport! In the very core of our being, we are being transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ!

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 06/12/17

What is your image of God? Which of the following images do you find challenging?

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 06/04/17

As a Paulist priest, I understand my mission as helping people to see how the Spirit is already working in their lives!

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 05/15/17

The Last Supper isn’t primarily about what Jesus said or about what he did.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 05/08/17

No matter where we journey, we have the ability to hear God’s voice.

Fr. Rich Andre, C.S.P. | 05/01/17

Trust that the Eucharist is the source of courage, compassion, and connection!

Fr. Rich Andre, C.S.P. | 04/23/17

Faith and doubt are two sides of the same coin.

Fr. Rich Andre, C.S.P. | 04/16/17

In the Easter story, we recognize that we share in the mission of Jesus Christ.

Fr. Rich Andre, C.S.P. | 04/14/17

God’s grace will always triumph over sin.

Fr. Rich Andre, C.S.P. | 04/13/17

It’s the very triviality of benefit and the amount of effort required that makes foot washing so special.

Fr. Rich Andre, C.S.P. | 04/10/17

When do we wash our hands of our power to change the course of events?