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The Conversation: Koinonia
John H. Armstrong | 05/01/17

Armstrong explores an initiate seeking unity at “grass-roots” level.

Michael Bird | 05/01/17

Christ prayed that his followers would be one, but the global church is deeply divided.

Thomas Ryan, CSP | 05/01/17

The time has come for the restoration of Christian unity in accord with the gospel.

Michael Cruickshank, C.S.P. | 02/07/17

Paulist seminarian Michael Cruickshank reflects on the D.C. Interfaith Leadership Summit, a gathering of young religious leaders.

Thomas Ryan, CSP | 02/06/17

Paulist Fr. Tom Ryan shares invigorating from during the recent Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Boston.

Ronald Roberson, CSP | 02/05/17

Ronald Roberson reports on two developments that show the evolving nature of Catholic-Orthodox relations today.

Christine Tardiff | 02/05/17

For its practitioners, liturgical dance can be a rich form of religious education.

Fr. Alan Mead | 10/31/16

There is at least one U.S. congregation that was excited to read the article posted from Rome dated October 5th, 2016, stating that Pope Francis...

Thomas Ryan, CSP | 10/31/16

Is the Reformation anniversary to be seen as only a Lutheran-Roman Catholic event?

Leo D. Lefebure | 10/31/16

The program of Pope Francis for interreligious relations is simple: be friends and help the world. This converges strongly with the agenda of Interfaith Youth...

Paulist Fr. Thomas Ryan | 08/02/16

Paulist Fr. Thomas Ryan provides perspectives on how the Councils of Trent and Vatican II differed in their approaches to the controversial questions of the...

Paulist Fr. Michael McGarry | 08/02/16

Paulist Fr. Michael McGarry argues churches should work together to reach non-church-going Millennials.