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The Conversation: Koinonia
Michael Cruickshank, C.S.P. | 02/07/17

Paulist seminarian Michael Cruickshank reflects on the D.C. Interfaith Leadership Summit, a gathering of young religious leaders.

Thomas Ryan, CSP | 02/06/17

Paulist Fr. Tom Ryan shares invigorating from during the recent Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Boston.

Ronald Roberson, CSP | 02/05/17

Ronald Roberson reports on two developments that show the evolving nature of Catholic-Orthodox relations today.

Christine Tardiff | 02/05/17

For its practitioners, liturgical dance can be a rich form of religious education.

Fr. Alan Mead | 10/31/16

There is at least one U.S. congregation that was excited to read the article posted from Rome dated October 5th, 2016, stating that Pope Francis...

Thomas Ryan, CSP | 10/31/16

Is the Reformation anniversary to be seen as only a Lutheran-Roman Catholic event?

Leo D. Lefebure | 10/31/16

The program of Pope Francis for interreligious relations is simple: be friends and help the world. This converges strongly with the agenda of Interfaith Youth...

Paulist Fr. Thomas Ryan | 08/02/16

Paulist Fr. Thomas Ryan provides perspectives on how the Councils of Trent and Vatican II differed in their approaches to the controversial questions of the...

Paulist Fr. Michael McGarry | 08/02/16

Paulist Fr. Michael McGarry argues churches should work together to reach non-church-going Millennials.

UniteBoston Reps Team
Kelly Steinhaus | 08/02/16

A group of young people noticed many great things happening around churches in Boston, but little infrastructure to attract people interested in attending.

Paul Snatchko | 07/05/16

We join those who mourn the passing of Elie Wiesel, the author, educator and activist who died Saturday, July 2.

Paolo Puccini receives an icon from conference chairman Jack Figel.

Last week, Paulist seminarian Paolo Puccini spoke on the encyclical "Laudato Si’" at the Orientale Lumen Conference in Washington, D.C.