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The Conversation: Koinonia
Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 02/21/18

A profile of Paulist Fr. Ron Roberson, associate director of USCCB's Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs


On an icy Christmas Eve, Rabbi David Kosak drove his neighbor, Sharon, to Midnight Mass at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church in Portland.


Today, the world observes Holocaust Remembrance Day. We remember in prayer the Jewish people and all those who were killed in the Holocaust.


In this new video, Paulist Fr. Ron Roberson speaks about his lifelong work in ecumenical dialogue and describes his conversion and vocation stories.

Tim Castner | 01/23/18

A look into the various factors that have contributed over the centuries to the multiplication of different denominations within Christianity.

Scott Brill | 01/23/18

What does the Bible say about Christian unity? And why has it been so hard to live out in the Christian church?

Kelly Steinhaus | 01/23/18

An ecumenism of mutual recognition depends on our ability to receive from one another.

Thomas Ryan, CSP | 01/23/18

Time spent together in faith sharing and prayer--plus the spiritual gifts exchanged--transform peoples’ perceptions of one another.


Paulist Fr. Tom Ryan: "The real crux for the ecumenical movement is to deepen the experience of unity on the local level."

Timothy Sullivan, CSP | 09/27/17

Parish program brings together people of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds for dinner and dialogue.

Thomas Best | 09/27/17

Thomas Best reflects on a recent exhibition in Berlin exploring the roots and results of the Reformation.

John Power | 09/27/17

John Power shares reflections and photos from his ecumenical pilgrimage to key sites in Martin Luther's Germany.