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The Conversation: Homilies
Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 03/20/18

We tend to think of reconciliation as something that we do, rather than primarily as something that we are.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 03/19/18

We each must sacrifice some of ourselves for the sake of others.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 03/12/18

As we approach Easter, we focus on the mystery of not only Christ’s resurrection, but also his passion and death.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 03/06/18

Hoy, nuestras lecciones hablan de envidia y cólera. ¡Sorprendentemente, es Dios el Padre y Jesús quienes expresan estas emociones!

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 03/06/18

Anger – or anxiety, or arousal, or envy, or fear, or loneliness, or sadness – does not separate us from God.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 02/26/18

Our sacrifices can bring forth the kingdom of God.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 02/19/18

May the desert bloom again!

Fr. Mark-David Janus, C.S.P. | 02/14/18

St. Valentine’s Day has to do with love and, believe it or not, so does Ash Wednesday.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 02/13/18

What can we do to end our needless separations from one another?

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 01/22/18

Could the Holy Spirit be stirring in your heart as it did in ancient Nineveh?


When I pray for vocations, I pray that young people will have the courage, the support, and the freedom to pursue the Holy Spirit’s invitation.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 01/08/18

It’s always a challenge to be a “both-and” Church, but we are diminished when we become an “either-or” Church.