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Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 02/21/20

In this three-part conversation with Jennifer Szweda Jordan,  Paulist Fr. Thomas “Tomaso” Kane dives deep into his spirituality, discussing his “bi-ritual”upbringing, Leonard Bernstein, and finding meaning...

Elizabeth Baisley  | 01/24/20

For Paulist Fr. Tim Sullivan, ministry is a calling. It's "partnering with people on their spiritual journey — being present to people to help them...

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 08/19/19

In this interview, Paulist Fr. Bob O'Donnell talks about his priesthood, mentoring young people on campus, and how love of sport can form unlikely bonds.

Emanuele Sesta | 08/16/19

In this interview, Fr. Tom speaks about being a priest with a full-time job and how he balances that with continuing to celebrate the Sacraments.

Emanuele Sesta | 08/08/19

In this interview with Emanuele Sesta, Paulist Fr. Mark-David Janus discusses his life, vocation story and ministry

Emanuele Sesta | 07/25/19

In this interview with Emanuele Sesta, Paulist Fr. Jamie Baca speaks about his vocation story, ministry and discernment.

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 07/22/19

In this interview, Fr. Tim discusses how his social-justice activism has been a deeply important part of his priesthood.

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 07/19/19

Paulist Fr. Tom Holahan is interviewed about his love of the creative world and how it shaped his decision to become a Paulist.

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 07/17/19

Paulist Fr. Ted Vierra, age 89, has been a priest for 59 years. He spoke with filmmaker Emanuele Sesta in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 06/14/19

"I just felt an immediate presence of the Holy Spirit there being poured upon me for this mission and this service."


Watch the complete video of Fr. Evan's Mass of Ordination and Mass of Thanksgiving.


Fr. Jerry, a Bronx native now serving the Paulists in Los Angeles, celebrates 25 years of priesthood today.