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Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 07/01/19

How often do each of us make unnecessary distinctions between the ordinary tasks of life and the life of discipleship?

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 07/01/19

Paulist Fr. Rich Colgan serves as our director of novices, accompanying the men who are in the first year of formation (“novitiate”) at our seminary...

Kevin Cummings | 06/28/19

Kevin Cummings, father of newly ordained Paulist Fr. Evan Cummings, writes movingly about his feelings after seeing his son join the priesthood.

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 06/28/19

Evan Cummings' friends, family, and Paulist brothers reflect on the meaning of his ordination.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 06/17/19

Let’s be deliberate in accepting the compliments, the gifts, and the help offered to us.


The greatest miracle of the first Christian Pentecost was not the speaking in tongues…

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 06/03/19

We possess Jesus, the Lamb who is the lamp of the kingdom of heaven.


Watch the complete video of Fr. Evan's Mass of Ordination and Mass of Thanksgiving.


Fr. Jerry, a Bronx native now serving the Paulists in Los Angeles, celebrates 25 years of priesthood today.

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 05/13/19

When Paulist Fr. Don Andrie considered leaving the tech industry for the priesthood, he thought the idea possibly crazy. He's now marking 25 years as...

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 05/13/19

How do we hear? By living in community with people very different from ourselves!

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 05/06/19

An opportunity to revisit a past moment that requires spiritual healing