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Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 12/03/18

Are we over-reacting to things that aren’t really that stressful?

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 11/26/18

Everyone who encounters the truth of Jesus Christ is forever changed.

Paulist Fr. Chuck Kullmann | 11/26/18

In the fog of this time in our society, the grounded rock on which we can rely is Jesus and His word.


The one-volume commentary on the books of the Bible designed for a wide variety of Bible readers, especially those engaged in pastoral ministry.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 11/25/18

Those of us who have led lives of discipleship will experience eternal joy.


"When we peek inside the constant gift, where else can we go but Thanksgiving?"

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 11/15/18

In this talk, Fr. Frank shares his wit and insights about the current political landscape, forgiveness and mercy, and the environment.

Jennifer Szweda Jordan | 11/12/18

A look at the life of Paulist Fr. Ken McGuire for his 50th ordination anniversary.


This video takes a look at the ministry and vocation story of Paulist Fr. Ricky Manalo, liturgical composer and educator.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 11/11/18

If we pray 23½ hours a day, have we failed to live out St. Paul’s command to “pray always”?

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 11/05/18

Both Jews and Christians remember the past to inform our present and propel us into the future.

Paulist Fr. Rich Andre | 11/04/18

When we go to Mass, we are especially connected to that awesome fellowship!