“Christian Unity: How You Can Make a Difference”
by Kevin Kilroy
August 8, 2017

Food for thought:

“ … Our gospel mission is to make the church we know and to which we belong a sign of wholeness and reconciliation in the midst of our local communities and in the human family. Yes, it is indeed a big project because it’s a God project. And each one of us can make a positive contribution to it if our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts are open to the possibilities before us in the little world within which we live and move … ”

– Paulist Fr. Tom Ryan, from his Paulist Press book  “Christian Unity: How You Can Make a Difference”

Fr. Tom is the director of the Paulist Office of Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations  and also author of “Interreligious Prayer: A Christian Guide” (Paulist Press, 2008).