Landings2 Launches Today!

June 27, 2018

landings2Landings International is our parish-based, small-group ministry for Catholics who are returning to the Church after a time away.

Landings provides a time and a place for “returning Catholics” to speak with other returning Catholics about the issues and questions they have about the Church and faith.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a “second semester” of sorts of this unique reconciliation ministry!

Landings2 is a new, six-week series for returning Catholics who want to dive even more deeply into the learning, prayer, and community that drew them back to the Church in the first place.

Landings2 is designed to sustain those who are ready to make the transition from initiation to mature discipleship. This new stage will assist in deepening your spiritual commitment as you journey and learn what true discipleship means,” reads the program description. “Landings2 promotes growth in spiritual wisdom. When it comes to the mystery of God, there is always more room to explore and grow in divine love.”

The materials for Landings2 are available to parishes and groups via digital download

There also is a preview packet.

Landings is led by Paulist Fr. Thomas Kane and lay staff members John Poland and Patrica Watson. 

For questions or suggestions, Landings can be reached at (202) 635-5818 or via email.

May God bless all members of the Body of Christ who are returning to the Church!