Food Friday: Chinese Chicken Salad & Teriyaki Temptation
by Casey Hawk
August 25, 2017

#FoodFriday is back with the popular Chinese Chicken Salad and a Teriyaki Temptation from “The Cookbook According to St. Paul’s” from the Paulist Women’s Club* at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Community.

Give them a try this weekend! Happy cooking!

Chinese Chicken Salad

2 whole chicken breasts, shredded julienne
1 small head chilled iceberg lettuce, shredded
1 small cucumber, sliced julienne
3 stalks celery, sliced julienne
3 stalks green onion, shredded julienne
3 tbsp. toasted sesame seeds
½ package wonton skins, sliced julienne
Salad Dressing Ingredients:
4 tbsp. sesame oil
7 tbsp. soy sauce
4 tsp. rice vinegar
1 tsp. MSG (optional) 
4 tsp. sugar

Simmer chicken in water for 45 minutes. Shred while warm. Deep fry wonton strips in hot salad oil, about a third at a time until golden brown. Drain. Sprinkle with one tsp. salt, one eighth tsp. pepper, and one tsp. sugar. Wash and slice vegetables. 
Combine all ingredients and add dressing. Toss and serve immediately. Makes four to six servings. 

Teriyaki Temptation

1 3-4 lb. flank steak, scored on both sides
½ cup teriyaki sauce
1 package Italian dressing mix
½ fresh lemon

Lightly brush both sides of scored steak with mustard. Place in 13×19 in Pyrex dish. Sprinkle, in order, dry Italian dressing, lemon juice, and teriyaki sauce over steak. Turn periodically so flavors blend. Marinate minimum four hours. 
When ready, broil eight minutes on one side, five minutes on the other. To serve, slice on diagonal. Serves six. 

Pro Tip: Leftover tip can be sliced very thin, placed on skewers along with whatever miscellaneous vegetables are available in your refrigerator, cut up. Baste chicken and vegetables with leftover marinade, broil. Great for a light lunch or hors d’oeuvres. 


Cookbook Cover

*Now known as Parents Working for Children.

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