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Our Goal is Reconciliation


Goal: Develop a wide pastoral process to address the needs for listening, healing, dialogue and reconciliation in the Church today

The process will be multi-faceted, with invitations to wider society, to the wider Church, to parish communities, and to individual Catholics whatever their pastoral situation.


  • Support Landings International and other Paulist reconciliation activities;
  • Contract with significant theological thinkers and other experts to engage the social/personal dimensions behind issues of reconciliation;
  • Provide reconciliation resources to local Paulist foundations;
  • Design a multi-media program and processes for dialogue/listening sessions between individuals within local parishes and dioceses;
  • Dialogue with the USCCB, CCCB, laity and Church leaders to implement reconciliation within the Church;
  • Enlist diocesan/parish partners to:

    • Develop scriptural based reflection groups
    • Facilitate large group celebrations of reconciliation and hope
    • Develop models of one-on-one sharing/dialogue
    • Encourage a spirit of invitation, welcome and hospitality
    • Make effective use of sacramental reconciliation.

  • Engage the entire Paulist Community to reaffirm reconciliation as an essential part of the Paulist vocation and ministry by:

    • Inviting all Paulist foundations, agencies and offices to be in partnership with reconciliation initiatives
    • Provide initial and continuing formation for Paulist in reconciliation
    • Invite all Paulist leadership to focus on developing/implementing reconciliation initiatives
    • Enlist non-Paulists to join in this reconciliation initiative through:
    • Encouraging Paulist Associates to become more acquainted with new and developing initiatives of reconciliation
    • Empowering the laity and others to be reconcilers in the workplace/marketplace.