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Exploring the Big Question

A troubled man bursts into your child’s schoolhouse. Without warning, he chases out all the boys and lines the girls up. Then he begins to shoot them one by one. For decades your people’s backs have been broken by the oppressive yoke of Apartheid. Suddenly, the tables are turned and you and your friends are in power. Your own mother is brutally raped and slain by a random burglar. What would you do? Could you forgive? Should you forgive?

Father Frank Desiderio explores the questions of forgiveness and reconciliation in a brand new ministry based on the Paulist Productions’ film titled The Big Question: A Film About Forgiveness.

The film explores astonishing acts of forgiveness, courage and will, featuring Desmond Tutu, Deepak Chopra, Sr. Helen Prejean, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Hopi Elders.

Father Desiderio uses the film as a basis for days of recollection, weekend retreats and parish missions during which participants explore the film’s themes of forgiveness and reconciliation in their own lives, communities, nation and world.

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