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Paulist directory

An up-to-date directory of all Paulists serving in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Father John B. Ardis, CSP
Director • Paulist Office for Mission Advancement
Paulist Fathers Residence • New York • New York
In Residence • Mary Manning Walsh Residence
In Residence • Mary Manning Walsh Home
Senior Missionary, San Francisco, CA
Father Francis P. DeSiano, CSP
President • Paulist Evangelization Ministries
Father Lionel A. DeSilva, CSP
In Residence • Mary Manning Walsh Residence
Father Wilfrid F. Dewan, CSP
Senior Ministry, Flushing, NY
Father William J. Dougherty, CSP
Senior Missionary, Tucson, AZ
Father David P. Dwyer, CSP
Executive Director • Busted Halo
Father John J. Foley, CSP
Senior Ministry • Oak Ridge, N.J.
Father James A. Haley, CSP
Senior Ministry • Knoxville • Tennessee
Father Thomas P. Hall, CSP
Resident • Carmel Mission – Carmel, Calif.
Father Patrick E. Hensy, CSP
In Residence • Nazareth House, Los Angeles
Father Mark-David Janus, CSP
President • Paulist Press
Father Thomas A. Kane, CSP
Boston College School of Theology & Ministry
Father James M. Kolb, CSP
Pastor • St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Portland, OR
Father Kevin A. Lynch, CSP
President Emeritus • Paulist Press
Father James McCauley, CSP
In Residence • Nazareth House, Los Angeles
Father Kenneth H. McGuire, CSP
Senior Missionary, Palm Springs, CA
Father Louis McKernan, CSP
In Residence • Mary Manning Walsh Residence
Father Robert P. Michele, CSP
Providence Benedictine Orchard House, Bend, Oregon
Father Ernest C. Mort, CSP
Senior Missionary, San Diego, CA
Father Thomas P. Murphy, CSP
Bridgeport Healthcare Center, Toronto
 Father D. Bruce Nieli, CSP
Missionary • Austin, Texas
Father David W. O'Brien, CSP
Mohun Healthcare Center, Columbus, OH
Senior Ministry, Sunrise Assisted Living, Braintree, MA
Father Robert S. Rivers, CSP
Missions • Boston • Massachusetts
Father Ronald G. Roberson, CSP
Associate Director of the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Father Thomas Ryan, CSP
Director, Office of Interfaith & Ecumenical Relations
North American Paulist Center • Washington, D.C.
Father Mark Villano, CSP
Chaplain • Marymount College • Palos Verdes, Calif.