Meaningful Journeys
for Today’s Traveler

Paulist Pilgrimages specializes in offering journeys around the world that are:

  • Spiritual – speaking to the heart and soul of the traveler, 
  • Cultural – exploring unique places beyond the tourist trail and 
  • Historical – offering a broad perspective of the land and its people..

Paulist Fr. Thomas A. Kane has been working with groups for many years and has personally organized these journeys, gathering the finest guides and escorts to enhance our pilgrim experience.

Depending on the type of journey, some will be international over a longer period, while others will have a more local focus over a few days. Some pilgrimages will be as large as twenty, or as small as six travelers. On longer journeys, there will be opportunities to join a group for special fares or to travel on your own and combine other destinations.The choice is yours.

Paulist Pilgrimages offers a unique perspective on travel.   We invite you to join us as we explore the world and its peoples.

Please contact Fr. Kane with any inquiries or questions at

July 21 to Aug. 1, 2017

Join us on a cruise of the Baltic Sea and a two-day visit to St. Petersburg, Russia.

January 29 to February 9, 2018

Come experience the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in new and powerful ways!

June 3-14, 2018

Join us as we visit religious and cultural sites in London and across England.