Testimonials & Articles



"Landings is evangelization, but not in the way I used to think of it…it made a profound difference in my life." Matt, Austin, TX

"A wonderful experience. It really was a soft landings to come back to the Church…." St. Thomas More, Austin, TX

“The focus from the outset has not been on self but on listening to others in a disciplined way" Margaret Johnston, Scotland

"I was amazed at the Church's welcoming stance when I began Landings four years ago after being away from the Church over 30 years" Lee Gallery, San Francisco, St. Dominic


"Landings was a great success with much enthusiasm and satisfaction from both active and returning Catholics." Fr Bob Scott, St. Austin, TX

"The simplicity, honesty, directness of the program. It is so do-able. I appreciate the careful keeping to the time program, and the learn by doing."

"After years of coordinating the Landings program, we have discovered this is the best process for adult education. The Welcomers as well as the returning learn more about the Catholic faith." Jerry McMahon, Gainesville, FL

"Group roles are shared for the Landings team; this means that people take more responsibility for themselves and don't develop an attitude of depending on the initiative of the leader" Margaret Johnston, Scotland

The Parish:

"What began as an outreach to inactive Catholics was actually a gift that created a stronger sense of community for the whole parish." Old St. Mary's, San Francisco

"I had no conception of the power, grace, healing and growth that Landings offers. It has an equally strong effect on the individuals that act as Welcomers…..for the parish community, by promoting involvement by as many parishioners as possible over time… it could have a wonderful transforming effect." Sausalito, CA

"Returnees discover the joys of being part of parish life and become involved; they are placed at the centre of parish life, not on the outskirts. For me it is one of the best things about the program. We're still seeing this spark on the faces of all our participants - old and new". Margaret, Fife, Scotland