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Do I need reconciliation, conciliation, or just plain forgiveness?

A prayer for those facing difficulties with family members over the holidays.

Welcome to ‘The Healing Page!’ This new effort from the Paulist Reconciliation Ministries is offered to give you insights, practices, and encouragement as you journey the arduous road towards relational reconciliation. Whether you desire to reconcile with another, with God, or even with yourself, we will provide you with information, stories, media, strategies, and a variety of practical steps that we hope will help you. This first phase of The Healing Page will set out to answer common questions about reconciliation and forgiveness as well as begin to address familiar difficult situations that have been sent to us by readers like yourself.

Your participation in this effort will be the important piece that will greatly help us along! The first way would be to sign-up for our monthly newsletter so that you can be informed of the topic that we will be tackling. Secondly, share your questions, stories, and feedback with us so that we can add depth and meaningfulness to our future phases. The more you help us with what you need, the better we can help you!

We hope you find this to be helpful regardless of where you are on your journey. May your steps be blessed by God, our Father, who made us and loves us into the fullness of life. May your heart and mind be strengthened by Jesus Christ, our Savior, who authors our faith and graces us with a peace that surpasses all understanding. May your words and deeds be directed by the Holy Spirit, our Advocate, who provides our way and bears us up in a persevering hope. Finally, let us pray for one another as we mutually accompany each other on this journey towards healing. Stay lifted!

Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P.

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