Gospel Call: Participant Feedback
Evaluations from pastoral leaders in Greenville, NC:
  • I was moved by everyone’s participation and felt there was a need for this call to unity. The friendship shared with the other groups is something that may not have happened otherwise. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I feel it was spiritually fulfilling.
    Helen Mary Uebler


  • My greatest hope was for more interaction with Afro-American churches.  I think that was achieved. The resource booklet was very helpful to us in our preparation. Each worship service was remarkable in its own way. It was particularly effective to have both preachers speak at each servie in a back and forth format. Fr. Tom’s and Rev. John’s personalities are good counterpoint. And in terms of follow-through, the co-sponsoring congregations  have come away with some concrete activities, and some activities I had not anticipated but welcome.
    Madge Chamness


  • The qualitative change in how we relate to one another continues to be the most enduring sign of our life in Christ, and it was brought to a new level through Gospel Call.
    Rev. Bob Hudak 


Evaluations from pastors in Montreal, QC:


  • The opportunity to worship, celebrate, and learn together was encouraged and supported by both the content and the process.
    Rev. Ian Smith, St Genevieve United Church
  • Gospel Call succeeded in every session in its principal aim of providing Christian believers with an opportunity to experience our unity in Christ. 
    Pierre Lussier, Christ Church Lutheran
  • The interchange between Fr. Tom and Rev. John in their preaching was excellent. My greatest hope for this mission was to get our neighboring churches to work closely together. This hope was met. We are identifying joint priorities for the coming year.
    Deacon Brian Cordeiro, St. Luke’s Catholic Church  
  • Overall, a very positive event, well done and well coordinated. 
    Rev. Pamela Yarrow, St. Barnabas Anglican Church 
  • Highlights for me were being able to meet each other, pray together, and have our awareness raised regarding some practical things we can do in order to promote unity. I heard comments from people who had never been in an ecumenical event and they were really touched and willing to go for more. 
    Margot Zunio, Jesus Light of the World Church
  • The ecumenical worship experiences were very inspiring and motivating. I know personally of people who were touched spiritually.  I am blessed to have been a part of it.
    Rev. Henriette Cann, St. Michael & All Angels Anglican 
  • Keep up the great work of this mission! Please consider returning as soon as possible! 
    Daniel Garvin, St. Thomas à Becket Church
Evaluations from Pastors in Cromwell, CT:


  • I found particularly rewarding the working together of the planning committee, the sacredness and use of symbols in the service of each evening. I was also grateful for the focus and centrality of Christ and the Word.
    Rev. Douglas G.J. Van Veldhuisen, First Congregational Church, Cromwell, CT

  • The presenters were outstanding in their sincerity and their ability to put theological and biblical principles in simple and understandable terms. One of the significant fruits of Gospel Call for our congregants is the increased awareness of how important and satisfying working together can be. We are not—and should not be—in competition.
    Bob Stromberg, Hilltop Covenant Church, Cromwell, Ct
  • Yesterday, we had our evaluation meeting of Gospel Call.  It was scheduled for the first half hour of our Clergy Meeting.  All the lay people on the planning committee were there as well as the clergy. The response was so favorable and enthusiastic we actually went on for an hour and ten minutes!  Each person repeated over and over how the event far exceeded expectations.  One person from Covenant Church stated that the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident from the very first event to the closing.  Some related how hesitant they initially were but how this hesitancy dissipated as the event unfolded. The event satisfied a hunger and created a hunger.  It broke down parochial barriers.  Diane and Tom make a wonderful team.  Both had just the right touch to open our minds and hearts without being aggressive in any way.  There was an atmosphere of keen respect for the various Christian traditions.
    Fr. Raymond Borkowski, St. John’s Church, Cromwell, CT
  • The response to the morning sessions was much greater than I would have suspected. And comments from people indicated that they were greatly inspired by the presentations and actions. I attended all the evening sessions, even passing up a support group of my own area Lutheran clergy to attend. I think all of them presented a different aspect of our spiritual life – Bible study, prayer, and the spirituality of different traditions. It was practical and enlightening. The emphases were well thought out and connected. And on the last night an appropriate call for joint action where possible.
    Rev. Larry Wogman, Bethany Lutheran, Cromwell, CT
  • The two missioners made an excellent team and shared leadership very effectively. We found a new unity with Christians of other churches, and this will lead us to more cooperation and shared ministries and mission. I felt the use of key symbols in our worship services—water, the cross, light, and the Bible—was excellent. The provided resource material effectively guided our local planning. I found it a very refreshing and genuinely ecumenical experience. I heard nothing but appreciation of the four day experience. It warmed up a very cold January with spiritual renewal.
    Rev. Fidelia A. Lane, United Church of Christ