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DVD by Father Tom Ryan: Yoga Prayer


Imagine what it would feel like to pray with your whole body––how powerful your prayer could become! For centuries, yoga has been used to prepare the body for meditation and communion with the divine. Now, with Yoga Prayer, Thomas Ryan offers an embodied practice to renew and invigorate your connection to God.

On this DVD there is a 3 minute introduction, 32 minutes of yoga prayers, a 50 minute instructional section teaching you the postures employed in the yoga prayers, and a 5 minute reflection on why it should make good sense to Christians to engage their bodies more fully in their spiritual lives in general and their prayer in particular.

Join Fr. Ryan as he guides you through prayerful posture sequences, each invoking a different attitude of the heart and mind in prayer, manifested through the body. Two gentle warm-up yoga prayers to inspiring music bring you to a place of inner quiet, followed by five more moving posture flow prayers that engage the whole person in graceful acts of worshipful praise, thanksgiving, and supplication.

  • "The Grail Prayer" opens us to personal transformation through loving service
  • "I Lift Up My Soul" cultivates our trust in God
  • "How Lovely" renews awareness of the beauty of God's dwelling place, both within and without.
  • "Peace Prayer" expresses the desire to become an instrument of peace
  • "Take, Lord, Receive," offers one's entire self in surrender to God

"Salvation doesn't mean getting out of this skin, but being transfigured and glorified in it." Here is a practice that invites you to come home to your body as a temple of the indwelling presence of God. With Yoga Prayer you have a doorway to use the precious gift of your body to revitalize your prayer in a whole new way.