Paulist Vocations Weekend: Feb. 12-14 in Washington, DC
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Ryan Casey, CSP

Ryan Casey, CSP
  • Birth Date: June 1, 1978
  • Home Town: Rockford, IL
  • Favorite Saints: St. Teresa of Avila and St. John Bosco
  • Hobbies: Cooking, playing video games, watching movies and television, dancing
  • Favorite Foods: Pizza and anything hot and spicy
  • Enjoy most about being a theology student: Learning more about myself and the Paulists. I am also very excited about getting back into the classroom and to engage in discussions about Jesus’ life, scripture and priestly mission.

Vocation Story: I was born and raised Catholic and was involved in youth ministry in high school where I first thought about exploring the priesthood. After high school I decided to explore my faith life by experiencing other religions and Christian denominations. These paths eventually lead me back to the Catholic Church. When I became involved again with my local parish the call to the priesthood became apparent in my life again.  I first heard about the Paulists through the BustedHalo radio show on Sirius XM satellite radio and the BustedHalo website. What I found there was a community of priests who want to show that the teachings of Jesus and the Church are relevant to our lives today. This was what attracted me to this community.