Answering the Call

Discerning a call to the priesthood requires prayer, patience and at least some stillness of mind and heart.

If you are discerning a call to serve the Church in this way, we will work with you over a period of many months (or years, if needed) to help you see how the Holy Spirit is moving in your life.  You will never be rushed or prodded. 

We also will help you discern if being a priest within a community such as ours is right for you.  Unlike diocesan priests, Paulist Fathers may serve at locations throughout the United States and Canada.  And, in addition to service in parishes, Paulist Fathers may serve as campus ministers, mission preachers, authors, book editors, radio show hosts, movie producers, artists, musical composers and other in other roles.  (Being a Paulist Father can be a full life!)

Paulist Fathers also live in community with one another.  Community life offers superb opportunities for common prayer, fellowship and strong, lifelong friendships.  But, it also comes with responsibilities.  As you discern your call, we will offer you the chance to see our community life and prayer life first hand.

Understand the Process

Paulist Fr. Dat Tran, our vocation director, works with candidates seeking to enter our community.

Before formally applying, candidates participate in a period of discernment and dialogue with Fr. Dat and attend our vocations events.

The application process involves interviews, extensive psychological evaluation, background checks, medical exams, gathering academic and sacramental records, several letters of recommendation and writing a brief autobiography.

Applicants submit completed applications that are considered by our presidential board, which retains sole authority to make final decisions regarding admissions.

The entire process from application to admission can take several months.